Pandora Poetry Poems

Written by admin

January 20, 2020


Sad is blue like the tears in my eyes I see my cat dying I hear the crying of myself I smell a rotten rat I feel the pain of my aching head I taste nothing when I am sick Sad is the worst thing in the universe Rene Hofer, grade 2 Silverwinds School Teacher: Jessica...


Excited is red like the fire blowing in the wind! I see puppies in Saiko’s dog house! I hear the puppies squeaking in the daylight! I smell the horrible smell of the fridge! I feel the warmness of Saiko’s fur! I taste my mom’s chocolate! Excited is the best part of my...


Hurt is blue like the tears of your pain, I see my friends laughing at me, I hear the crying of my cat, I smell the blazing fire rising up my body, I feel the tears running down my cheeks, I taste something spicy, Hurt is a feeling you don’t want to share. Adelynn...