Delicious Consistency

Written by Jessica Neudorf

June 12, 2020

Consistency; what do we think of when we hear this word? A term that gives a goal, a conformity to a particular pattern that is accurate or fair without contradiction. How often; however, do we conform to the other definition of consistency which derives its meaning from the way a substance holds together, it terms of thickness or viscosity.

The Learning Exchange (2018) unpackages the idea of thick questions within the context of deeper learning. How might it change our practice if we view our classes with consistency in terms of the way in which they are held together as a liquid rather than an expectation.

In the chemistry of cooking, it is the combined ingredients of a sauce that creates deliciousness. The individuality of its components attributes to its robust flavour; without the collective working together, it lacks depth of flavour. It would be, in fact, thin.

The Learning Exchange provides a delicious taste of the collaborative class in their video on Deeper Learning in Grade 3 as two teachers come together with their students in a collective inquiry into mathematics as they follow the 6 C’s. In the process, students value one another’s ideas while appreciating the various flavours added to the sauce in this creative process of learning.

Each student seems to take their place as a cook in the classroom in their creation of a thick product which places value on the process. The delicious consistency of a sauce comes from the process in the design of learning.

Jessica Neudorf , University of Manitoba, 2nd Year 2020 Candidate


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