Published three times annually (fall, winter, spring), Classmate is the journal of Manitoba Association of Teachers of English. It serves as a vehicle for English teachers to share their concerns about professional issues and their ideas for effective teaching strategies.

Classmate welcomes submissions from all language arts educators.

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MATE Files - Teaching Ideas Prepared by Teachers for Teachers

Several teaching ideas by Manitoba teachers have been printed and are available through MATE. Click here to see descriptions of each of the fourteen files we currently have available.

Calling all Teachers of English: Submit a new MATEFile!

The following topics demand a new approach—YOURS:

  • Life-Writing
  • The Use of Technology in the English Classroom
  • Science or Business Writing
  • Grammar Basics for the 21st Century
  • Drama as a Teachable
  • The Four-Period Short Story Unit
  • Aboriginal Canadian Children’s Literature
  • Modern Poetry for Senior-High Students

Your MATE Executive Board has recognized the need for updated MATEFiles: How-to packages that show the best way to teach a lesson in any aspect of ELA. Advertised in CLASSMATE and available at the annual SAG Conference, these files can reach English teachers all over Manitoba, sent out by your professional organization. By laying out your lesson(s), and including any hand-out materials you use to put across the topic content, you will be helping other teachers to bring your best practice into their classrooms.

  • Add a credit to your C.V. that declares you a Master Teacher
  • Receive a paid day off, so you can show us how it’s done
  • Achieve immortality

Send your MATEFile proposal to:

Dr. Carolyn Creed
General Delivery
Woodlands MB
R0C 3H0