MATE Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is MATE?

The Manitoba Association of Teachers of English (MATE) invites you to become a member of an organization devoted to advocating for language learning and learners. As a member you can participate in sharing ideas with other language teachers and become better informed on current teaching practices.

Organization Description
The Manitoba Association of Teachers of English is affiliated with the Manitoba Teachers' Society as a Special Area Group (SAG).

MATE has a strong and diverse membership of English Language Arts teachers across the province and from kindergarten through post secondary education training.

Q: What is the Purpose of the Association?

Stimulate professional development.
Keep teachers informed about the latest educational developments and findings.
Create links between members and leaders in literacy.
Promote and foster professional ties among all levels of education.
Cooperate with other organizations in sponsoring activities related to the teaching of English Language Arts in Manitoba.
Encourage the establishment of conditions which will make the teaching of English Language Arts more effective.
Provide opportunities for group study and discussion of challenges to the teachers of Manitoba.

Q: What benefit does MATE membership provide?

Official representation on national and international language arts associations: Canadian Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (CCTELA), National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), and International Federation of Teachers of English (IFTE )
Subscription to MATE's journal, Classmate.
Information and updates about language learning through MATE Files, teaching units prepared by teachers for teachers.
Reduced rates for conferences and workshops.

Q: How can I contact the MATE Executive to become active?

View our Executive Page.

Q: Can I read a copy of your constitution?

Click the link below to read the Manitoba Association of Teachers of English Constitution (Last Revised 1998).

MATE Constitution