MATE Executive 2016/2017

Co-Presidents: Adriano Magnifico and Tina Gordon
Past Co-Presidents: Nina Logan and Jen Walld
Vice President: Margaret Murray
Secretary: Elizabeth Bourbonniere
Treasurer: Linda Ferguson
Classmate Editors: Carolyn Creed and Karen Smith
Pandora Poetry: Pam Lockman
NCTE Director: Ken Clark
NCTE Liason Officer: Jason Pinder
MTS Council Representative: Ken Clark
Mentor for Early, Middle, and Senior Years: Pam Lockman

Executive Bios:

Adriano Magnifico -- Co-President

Adriano Magnifico is a Student Engagement Coordinator for the Louis Riel School Division.

Tina Gordon -- Co-President

Tina Gordon is a Literacy and Learning Support Specialist at St. John's-Ravenscourt School.